Do we even need to buy babies toys their first year of life? They seem to be so fascinated by
How are your mealtimes, do they go smoothly or are they difficult? How many of you have a picky eater?
Surviving Social Distancing with a Very Active Child Is your child always on the go? Constantly wanting to move, be
Games and Toys for Fine & Visual Motor Skills Fat Brain Fruit FriendsSensory, bilateral coordination, and fine motor skill building
Children with ADHD may have a hard time paying attention, sitting still, organizing their tasks and materials, managing time and
brain, head, silhouette
brain, head, silhouette
Happy Sensory Processing Awareness Month! Sensory processing is a very complex topic (and one of my favorites!). The brain receives
Back to school 2020 may look a lot different this year for some of us. If you’re a parent putting
What is Emotional Regulation? Emotional regulation is the ability to effectively manage and respond to an emotional experience. Why is
Everyone fidgets-- you may bite your nails, play with your hair, doodle on your paper, or bounce your leg. "Fidgets"
Simple Activities To Support Development Using Household Items Has this quarantine exhausted all of your efforts to entertain your toddler
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