5 Toys that will Improve Your Child’s Focus and Concentration

Ever have a hard time concentrating?  


Even as adults we can have trouble keeping focused on necessary day-to-day tasks.  Especially in today’s world with our smartphones, notifications, and constant email and social media buzzing happening constantly.


But I want to talk about your children.  Especially if your child had autism, anxiety, or ADHD.


Why is concentration an important skill for your child to have?

The answer to this question seems obvious, but often in modern society, our attention is fragmented by technology.  


Screentime is going up and children are seeing adults (us!) engage with technology in new and different ways.  


Don’t get me wrong, I love technology,  but the modern, tech-infused, fast-paced world can increase stress and interrupt our train of focus frequently, which makes it harder to maintain concentration and get things done.


Concentration is a vital skill for children as they are developing and learning new skills.  Developing the habits and motor skills that nurture and promote concentration in childhood will set them up for success as adults with regard to their career, personal and professional relationships, and project management.


Children with autism, anxiety, and ADHD can have a more challenging experience with focus and concentration than other children because they learn differently.


Therefore, they need the right activities, toys, and tools to set them up for concentration success!


In this post, we will be covering 5 sensory toys that build your child’s ability to focus and concentrate.


Let’s go!



Any type of puzzle activity will help build concentration skills for children. 


Not only will puzzles help build fine motor skills as children need to fit the pieces together, but they also promote logic and reasoning skills for children because they are also considering the bigger picture that the puzzle actually represents.

Thinking Putty

Thinking putty is a silent fidget tool that keeps the fingers busy while helping the brain concentrate. It is great for classrooms, travel, or as a quiet desk toy, and kids will love pulling, building, and molding it into whatever their imagines desire!


It is also very inexpensive!  Definitely a solid investment for you and your child.

Chair Bands


Chair bands are like giant rubber bands that go between the legs of the child’s chair (they wrap around the bottom).  


They increase focus and attention by allowing the child to get sensory stimulation by moving even though they are sitting still.  


They are super easy to install and they are extremely affordable as well. 

Finger Paints


Finger paints are super fun for children to do!  They can increase concentration and focus for children because the child will most likely be creating something with their imagination.


Teachers, parents, and caregivers can increase the benefits even more by encouraging the child to use their imagination and create whatever they want to create.


Simpl Dimpl

Simpl Dimpl is a keychain-like toy that has silicone buttons for the child to press.  This toy is great for keeping kids calm and concentrated.  It will also provide tactile stimulation for children as well.



There you have it!

Looking for the perfect tools and toys that will promote concentration and focus in your child?


DeveloPLAY can help!  


DeveloPLAY founder and occupational therapist Lindsey Wood created DeveloPLAY with your child in mind.


It has never been so easy to get hand-picked toys sent right to your door that will promote and nurture sensory development in your child.


If your child has autism, anxiety, or ADHD, give DeveloPLAY a try!  Your child will love it!

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  1. All great ideas. My 4 year old cannot sit still at the dinner table. I’ll have to check out that Theraband. I keep asking myself why I didn’t become a peds OT 😉

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