5 Tips to Help Your Autistic Child Learn & Succeed

I’d like to begin this post with a metaphor.


Imagine that you are looking for something in your garage, but the lights are not working so you make sure you bring your flashlight with you into the dark space so you can find what you are looking for.


You open the door to the garage and turn your flashlight on and point it in the area where you think the object you are looking for is located.


All you see is that small area, but you can see that area extremely well and vividly clear.

This is similar to how children with autism learn and gain a knowledge base.


To explain further, there are specific skills that an autistic child may be exceptionally talented in, but these interests are often narrow, making it harder for autistic children to learn about a wide array of topics, such as you may find children in traditional schools being taught.


If your child has autism, your child will learn differently.  


In this blog post, we will cover some of the things you can do to help your child with ASD learn and succeed in the world today


Build on Their Interests

Let’s say that your child is extremely interested in elephants, for example.  He or she has had a fascination with elephants and knows everything about elephants.  


In fact, you may find it challenging to get him or her to focus on any other subject besides elephants.


In this instance, if you wanted to lean into the child’s interests in order to expand and broaden what they are learning, you could find a creative way to relate the new, suggested topic of learning or discussion with the child’s love of elephants.


Perhaps you want to teach the child about dinosaurs.  


You could ask show flashcards or images of dinosaurs and ask things like “Does this triceratops look like an elephant at all?”  or “How many letters in TRICERATOPS are similar to the letters in the word ELEPHANT?”


You get the picture, right?


Provide Structure

Learning, play, eating, and transitions all go much more smooth if they are structured and routine.  


Children with autism thrive in a structured environment as it provides more comfort and stability for them, like other children as well.

It is a good idea to have the day’s activities mapped out and also to follow a consistent routine from week to week.  


The less deviation from schedule, the better off the children will be pertaining to learning.

Being detailed is great as well.  

Answer the whole “who, what, where, when, why, and how” for the children as clearly as you can.

Be Aware of Any Sensory Issues

Children with autism often have reactions to sensory cues that are different from other children.  

Autistic children who are hyposensitive to sensory input may seek out sensory experiences in their environment that balance out the under-sensitivity.  

Having certain types of toys and tools available for hyposensitive autistic children to play with and discover will help regulate their behaviors and stimulate healthy sensory-motor development.

On the other end, children who are hypersensitive to sensory input may become overwhelmed or display reactive behaviors to the feeling of their clothing brushing up on their skin or to noises in the environment.  

This can lead to melt-downs, in which case having the appropriate, hand-picked toys and tolls available to soothe and calm the child will be ideal.

There are many types of tools and toys available for caregivers and parents that are chosen by health professionals and clinically proven to reduce and lessen the effects of sensory issues in children with autism while simultaneously stimulating proper growth and development.

Provide the Best Sensory Toys and Tools

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We take the work and research out of the process for you by having our team of professionals hand-pick each toy and tool for your monthly box.  


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It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it’s designed specifically for your child!  Get started with DeveloPLAY today!

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