Best Fidget Toys for Kids with ADHD

Everyone fidgets– you may bite your nails, play with your hair, click your pen, doodle on your paper, or bounce your leg. 


“Fidgets” have become a common craze today in the world of our kids, but there is actually science behind why fidget tools help some kids focus. 


Some children’s brains are seeking more input to stay at the “just right” arousal level. 


For example, a child who is “seeking” input may be constantly moving, wiggling, touching others, humming or making noises to themselves, or looking around the room in order to get that extra input their brain needs. 


Kids with ADHD often need some extra movement or tactile stimulation to provide that extra input to feel “just right” and focused. 


Now, not a fidgets are created equally. The key is using the right fidget that isn’t visually distracting. Here are my top tried and true fidget tools for kids with ADHD.



Putty is super fun!


You can squish, roll, and quietly fidget with it in your hands. 


I like to use good ol’ theraputty or Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty which comes in so many different colors, glow in the dark, and even scented! 

Stress Ball

Squeeze and squish the ball for a calming, organizing effect on the nervous system. 


The hands are a HUGE part of the brain’s sensory system making them effective in regulating the arousal level.

Theraband on chair legs


Add a piece of theraband, or exercise band, around your child’s chair to allow them a little movement while their seated at their desk.


They can gently bounce their feet on the band. Cheap and super easy to implement! Bands now even come pre-made to fit a standard chair!

Poke n Pop fidgets

These new fidgets are quiet and very addicting as you push the bubbles down, flip it over and do it again! 


They come in keychains, too, which  are easily hidden within the hand or desk and are discrete for classroom use.

Mesh and marble fidget


Push the marble back and forth inside the mesh tube to fidget away excess energy and help kids with ADHD focus.



A classic tool for kids with busy hands and fingers. Bend and twist the Tangle fidget in your hands. 


They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to fit your child’s sensory preferences. 

Fidget tools are perfect for helping regulate the arousal and concentration level for kids with ADHD who are seeking extra sensory input. 


Make sure you teach your child the proper way to use a fidget tool and help them understand that it’s a tool and not a toy when it’s being used to help with sustained attention (e.g. during academic instruction, test taking, etc.)

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