The DeveloPLAY Box is unique because it includes hand-picked, developmentally appropriate sensory and motor tools and toys by a licensed pediatric occupational therapist. Each box has a variety of favorite tools and toys geared toward children with Autism, attention deficits, anxiety, emotional and behavioral disorders, and developmental delays, but FUN for ALL children. Delivered to your doorstep, making it easy for you and your family to get your hands on the sensory and motor tools and toys for your child’s development!

Meet the Founder

Hi! My name is Lindsey Wood and I am an Occupational Therapist in San Diego, CA. I have the greatest job ever, getting to play and work with children everyday! I work with children of varying abilities, in an early intervention setting, ages 0-3 years, and in a school-based setting working with pre-schoolers to 8th graders. The sensory and motor box idea came to me while sitting in San Diego traffic, thinking about toy recommendations for parents and teachers. It’s extremely common for parents to ask me for the “best” or “most appropriate” toys for their child’s development and sensory needs. I always have a list of my “go-to” toys that are therapeutic, yet also so much fun. I thought, instead of writing down this list and having parents or teachers search for these toys, why not make it easier on families by finding and delivering the toys directly to them! It gives their child the tools they need AND saves them time and energy. And here we are…My hopes are to give children the sensory and motor tools and toys they need to aid in self-regulation and motor skill development needed for dressing, eating, writing, playing, and more!

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