Successful School Environment—Online Learning Edition

Back to school 2020 may look a lot different this year for some of us. If you’re a parent putting on the additional hat of “teacher” this year, I’ve got some tips for setting up your homeschool environment for success! Setting a routine, especially during times of uncertainty like now, is so important to help kids stay regulated and get through their daily tasks! A visual schedule or a to-do list allows a child toContinue reading “Successful School Environment—Online Learning Edition”

Fidget Tools for Focus

Everyone fidgets– you may bite your nails, play with your hair, doodle on your paper, or bounce your leg. “Fidgets” have become a common craze today in the world of our kids, but there is actually science behind why fidget tools help some kids focus. Some children’s brains are seeking more input to stay at the “just right” arousal level. For example, a child who is “seeking” sensory input may be constantly moving, wiggling, touchingContinue reading “Fidget Tools for Focus”