Successful School Environment—Online Learning Edition

Back to school 2020 may look a lot different this year for some of us. If you’re a parent putting on the additional hat of “teacher” this year, I’ve got some tips for setting up your homeschool environment for success! Setting a routine, especially during times of uncertainty like now, is so important to help kids stay regulated and get through their daily tasks! A visual schedule or a to-do list allows a child toContinue reading “Successful School Environment—Online Learning Edition”

Calming Space for Kids

’cause we all need a little zen… Every child needs a little zen in their day-to-day life as it can get quite hectic when things don’t go their way, their school and extracurricular activities are never ending, or they are overstimulated with technology and real life. I believe one very important place all children (toddlers to teens) should have in their home (and/or classroom) is a designated calming space. A calming space is a designatedContinue reading “Calming Space for Kids”