Calming Strategies For Anxious Kids

Anxiety is a common struggle faced by children these days, and it can be overwhelming for both the child and their parents or teachers. Here are easy calming strategies for anxious kids. Fortunately, there are effective calming strategies that can be employed to help anxious kids find relief. One of the most crucial aspects is creating a safe and supportive environment where the child feels comfortable expressing their fears and worries. Offering reassurance is key,Continue reading “Calming Strategies For Anxious Kids”

Five Sensory Techniques To Calm Down Your Child

Here are five sensory techniques to calm down your child: Remember that each child is unique, so what works for one may not work for another. Spend time discovering your child’s specific needs and preferences to find the most effective calming techniques for them. Here is an Instagram post to create the perfect “Calm Down Kit” or order your DeveloPLAY box for OT recommended toys!

How Can Mindfulness Help Children with Anxiety?

The term “Mindfulness” has been something of a buzzword over the last twenty years or so, and for good reason.    There are clinical studies and peer reviewed data that back up the effectiveness of mindfulness practice on happiness, focus, and emotional regulation in human beings.     There are companies that have started to conduct optional mindfulness training for their employees at the workplace and many psychologists use mindfulness practice as a suggestion for theirContinue reading “How Can Mindfulness Help Children with Anxiety?”