Games & Toys to Build Fine and Visual Motor Skills

Games and Toys for Fine & Visual Motor Skills
Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Puzzle
Go fishing and bug catching with these fun puzzles that practice visual perception and eye-hand coordination.
Mr. Mouth the Feeding Frog Game
A fun game for kids to play while not even realizing they’re strengthening their fine motor skills. Mr. Frog spins around while kids try to shoot flies in his mouth. Practice using only the index finger to catapult the flies for finger isolation.
Lacing for younger kids 3+
Use tweezers to strengthen fingers and hand skills
Visual perceptual and fine motor skills in one! Recommended for ages 6+
Fun game for 2+ people- Junior version for visual perceptual (figure ground) skills
Shape sorter develops color and shape recognition and eye-hand coordination
Peg board for fine motor with visual perceptual design match board
Button art for fine motor and visual perception
Dive & Catch game for eye-hand coordination water play fun
Magnetic fishing pole for eye-hand coordination and motor control
Egg matching set for bilateral skills
Strengthen upper body & coordination, eye movement skills, and attention
Fine motor strengthening, sensory fun!
Fun way to build finger/hand strength and use your imagination
A vertical surface to develop proximal stability/fine motor skills
For the Littles:
Squeezable Building Blocks
Soft, squeezable, textured building blocks. Great for a wide age-range, from a few months old to pre-school years.

48 piece floor puzzle for visual perceptual skills. Any puzzle is great for developing visual figure ground and visual closure.

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Fat Brain Dimpl Baby Toy
Push and pop to encourage fine motor skill development age 6 mo+

Fat Brain Fruit Friends
Sensory, bilateral coordination, and fine motor skill building inspired by an OT and SLP!

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