Top 10 Gifts for Fine Motor Strengthening

Top 10 Fine Motor Strengthening Gifts for Kids

Looking for kids gifts that also help with development? Here are 10 of the best fine motor toys that help develop hand and finger strength which is necessary for eating, dressing, writing, and playing!

1. Playdoh– A fun way to build fine motor strength. Roll it, pinch it, squeeze it, use cookie cutters or playdoh stamps to make imprints.

2. Pop Beads– Great for using both hands together when pushing the beads together and pulling them apart. Use larger beads for younger kids and small beads for older kids.

3. Tape Activity Book- Use easy-tear tape to create art work in these wonderful activity books

4. Discovery Putty or Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Putty– Search and find little treasures inside of this putty digging around using your hands 

5. Legos– Build finger and hand strength by pushing the Legos together to create towers and other masterpieces. Again, use larger legos for smaller hands (younger kids) and smaller Legos as kids get older. 

6. Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game– A fun game that uses squirrel tongs to pick up small acorns and match by color to place them in a tree trunk

7. Kinetic Sand– Squeezable sand you can mix and mold to create anything you’d like

8. Playfoam– Squishy foam that never dries out. You can shape it and form different shapes/letters/etc.

9. Pegboard– Place pegs inside the pegboard and even stack them on top of each other

10. Scissor scoopers/tongs– Open and close the scoopers or tongs to pick up small objects (e.g. pom poms, figurines) and place them inside containers. Have a relay race with 2 teams, using the scoopers/tongs to pick up items and transfer them to the other side!

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