10 Sensory Activities for Children with Autism That You Can Do At Home

It’s no secret that sensory play is healthy for children and needed for optimum development. Though all children should be getting the appropriate amount of sensory stimulation, it is even more vital for children with autism because these children often have developmental challenges with sensory motor skills, regulating emotions, and problem-solving.


The COVID-19 vaccines have launched and hopefully, we will slowly be opening back up and take our children out and about for play and stimulation, but what are some fun and easy sensory activities that you can do with your children at home?


In this blog, we will cover 10 super fun and simple activities that you can do with your children at home that will touch all the categories of sensory motor development to ensure that your child with ASD stays regulated and developmentally ahead of the curve.


Let’s dive right in!

Finger Painting

Call us old school, but this one is always a stellar option!  Finger painting will allow children with Autism to explore textures in a non-threatening way and will also strengthen the hands and fingers!



Anyone else love to make paper airplanes or animals out of paper when they were kids!?  We did!  The cool and beneficial thing about Origami is that your kids can use their imagination. 


Folding paper is fun, satisfying, and another great way to build concentration, focus, bilateral coordination and fine motor skills.



The next time you are hanging out at home and feel the urge to bake some cookies, pie, or whatever floats your boat, invite your children to help you with the process? 

Kneading and rolling out dough (or even just playing with it) is a great sensory activity for children with ASD. It provides calming, organizing input to the nervous system! 


You can also help them sharpen their skills by allowing them to assist you with measuring, pouring, and keeping an eye on the timer.  

The best part is that once it’s all done, you’ve got some yummy treats to enjoy!


Nothing gives children a more satisfying sensory experience than the classic, Playdoh!  What’s not to love?  It can strengthen fine motor skills, problem-solving, provide calming input, and encourage the use of imagination and social skills as well!


Pouring Water

All you will need is some water and a couple of jugs for the children to pour the liquid back and forth from one jug to the next.  The heavier the jug, the more calming input. It also builds body awareness! Simple, effective, and fun!

If you want to get more creative, grab some food coloring and let the children mix it and mix the colored water!  This adds a super fun, creative element to the whole experience.



Flashlight Shadows

Do you have a flashlight laying around?  Do you remember how much fun it was to do shadow puppets on the walls and ceiling with flashlights when you were young?  We sure do!  


Grab a flashlight and encourage the children to make animals and figures or whatever they desire out of their bodies and hands while using the flashlight to make shadows.  


Depending on where you put the flashlight, the kids can even dance and move their bodies for some gross motor skill-building fun!



All you need is some sand or some corn kernels, tape, and paper cups and you can have your children make shakers!  


Simple, fun, and even musical!  Provides auditory input in a safe, playful way for our sensory seekers and for those who are sensitive to sounds. Enjoy!


Playing with Ice

Try this….grab a couple of big bowls and a couple of large spoons.  Fill one bowl with ice and have the children spoon up ice cubes from one bowl and put them in the other bowl! Watch your child concentrate while trying to keep the slippery ice on the spoon while building eye-hand coordination. 


Playing Instruments

Okay, so you may not have a spare guitar or piano just laying around the house…we get it.  You can get a fairly cheap keyboard and penny whistles though!  Playing musical instruments hits all the right places for the healthy development of children with ASD.  Rock on!


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